Iron Filter

I can fix your smelly water that stains the fixtures and clothes. No more ROTTEN EGG ODOR. You can bathe in clean odor free water. No stained toilets, dishwashers, plus your laundry will come clean without turning whites yellow.

Water Heaters & Filtration Systems

Count on Ray’s Repair in Parker, Arizona, to provide the right water filtration systems and water heaters that fit your budget and lifestyle. Our company offers several plumbing services and can handle any emergency situation.

Commercial & Residential Water Heaters & More

Find the water heater you need for your home or business today. We offer traditional and Tank-less water heaters, and we also repair or replace thermostats for your existing water heaters. When your water heating system fails, let us install a new hot water recirculating system. In addition, come to us when you need toilets and disposals installed, repaired, or replaced.

Water Filtration Systems

When you have bad water in your home, we can fix that. We install filtration systems that make drinking water good and clean and make dirty, smelly water a thing of the past. No more ROTTEN EGG ODOR. Remove iron stains and awful odors with our water filtration systems. Water System, Water Heaters in Parker, AZ. Additional Water Systems • Drinking Systems • Water Softeners • Water & Sewage Pump. Contact us in Parker, Arizona, and upgrade your water filtration systems and water heaters today.

Water Softener

You will have clean soft water and you will come cleaner in the bath. With a water softener from Ray’s Repair Parker, Arizona your clothes will come cleaner and last longer. You will use less soap and detergent plus your dishes will be cleaner.

RO Drinking Water Systems

Enjoy clean mineral free drinking water and ice cubes that are hard and clear. With one of our RO Systems your iced tea and mixed drinks will thank you.

Contact us and upgrade your water filtration systems and water heaters today